All I need is a cuddle,
From you when I cry.
Those sacrifices,those struggles,
Just makes me die everytime.

All I need is a pat,
On the back of mine.
All those memories, all those things,
Just breaks a part of mine.

All I need is a word,
That tells that it will be fine.
All that laughter,all that happiness,
Just makes me cry more for what was mine.

Just be with me,
When I need you to be mine.
Coz when I have you,
It just makes it a little less to cry to.




Just hold my hand,
Just one time and I will understand.
The elation,the sorrow,
The dangers of tomorrow.

Just stay by my side,
And I am going to hold you with all my might.
In the storms,In the rain,
And the days full of pain.

Just hug me tight,
And save me from all the frights,
Of this world,of this place,
And without you,the incomplete days.

And now its time for us,
To spend the time we actually must.
Because then again I will say it to you,
That I will always love you!💞



He wasn’t a champion to all,
But was always one to his little doll.
The way he bought her gifts,
The way he saved her from all risks.
At night,cuddling in his arms,
Felt to protect her from all the harms.
The way he scolded with all his might,
But then apologized and held her tight!
And promised her he would never go,
And would always be there as he was years ago.
Cause then his doll’s face lit up with a smile,
Which took his happiness further for THOUSAND OF MILES!!



I see the world through my eyes,
But beyond, the truth lies.
That I am not the one who is free,
Just like the others who touch hues with glee.
Is this what I am?
You tell me, am I here to surprise a man?
All those needs given to me in a cage,
They think its going to keep me engaged.
But why don’t they know?
That my wings are there to glow.
In the blue sky,
Beyond their dreams.
Sometimes all they have seen,
Is not always true as it has to be.
And this is what freedom means to me.


Everyday I wake up scared,

In this world unfair.

Praying for a safe day once more,

But still shiver as I open the door.


For a new day without any warning,

Without knowing if they will come calling.

But I still keep the courage,

Unaware of all the harm and outrage.


These fears tie a knot,

To all the happiness that I have got.

Bringing me back to reality,

Asking me to believe on my ability.


Telling me to overcome them one day,

To control them if I have to stay.

I know I have the skill,

I know I can…and I will!





Aim high,

Touch the sky.

Fly through the clouds,

Making successful sounds.

Writing on the stars,

About your fortune

For hours and hours.

Be what you want to be,

Your goal is what you should see.

Do what you desire,

Keep it alight-the fire.

Fill your weight with hope,

Just believe and you will definitely cope.