She saw him walking out the door,
As she shattered on the lifeless,hard floor.
Holding the torn piece free in her hand,
Her red scraps burning on the wooden land.

She walked alone on the wet road,
In hope of a new beginning,new abode.
Willing to give birth to a new heart,
And to forget all that has fallen apart.

But the pain struck her each second,
Bitter by more,as she began to deaden.
Her heart screaming out loud,
As she cut unnoticeable through the crowd.

She stopped as the car halted behind her,
The headlights brighter than any other.
And from the darkness a figure appeared,
Taking from her all that she ever feared.
Cause there he stood drenched in the rain,
When all that had passed,came to her again.
Bringing a new hope and a new light,
Where love and care began to collide.✨